Puppy Introductions

Our puppy introductions are a great way to get your puppy used to the world of grooming, so future grooms are stress-free.

We offer a 2 step Puppy Introduction

Step 1 is a half hour visit to become familiar with all our grooming equipment. We will include a nail clip and a little face, feet and hygiene trim if puppy is comfortable with that.

Step 2 will include a repeat of step one plus a bath in gentle, puppy sensitive shampoo, a full dry and thorough brush through. We will make sure your puppy is fully confident and ready to accept a full groom, which may include clipping, scissoring or hand stripping.

Your groomer will advise you if your puppy needs to repeat either of these steps and when they are ready to have a full groom


As soon as your puppy has had their vaccinations and your vet has said that they can mix with other dogs, they can have a puppy introduction. We find that those who come to us early are the most accepting of grooming and think of it as part of everyday life


    Step 1 is £16

Step 2 is from £32


  This service is for puppies up to six months old

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pennys first haircut.jpg