Our Grooming Services

Full Grooms Include

  • Clipping, Scissor Styling or Hand Stripping

  • Thorough Brush through

  • De-shedding and De-tangling

  • Bathing with a shampoo selected for your dogs coat type, colour and condition

  • Drying

  • Nail Trimming

  • Eye Care

  • Coat Conditioning

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Ear Hair removal if necessary

Prices will vary depending on breed, size, behaviour and condition.

Here are a few examples of popular breeds

Cockapoo: from £56

Cavachon: from £48

Labradoodle(small and soft coated): from £58

Labradoodle(large and soft coated): from £80

Westie: from £48

Border Terrier, Hand Stripped: from £64

Cocker spaniel: from £48

Springer Spaniel:from £50

Labrador: from £48

Miniature Schnauzer: from £48

Phone on 07852702172 to book. A £10 deposit is required to secure all appointments.

Notice of 72 hours of cancellation or change must be made to refund the deposit.

Extra charges may be applied due to size, behaviour or condition.

Results will vary according to your dogs quality of coat, condition of coat and behaviour.

If a groom is stopped due to behaviour full payment must still be made.